INTUITIVE IRON - Custom Work (Getting Started) - indianapolis, IN
INTUITIVE IRON - A fusion of metal, art and function..........
want a custom piece built... How does the process work?
Typically individuals will email me a thought, picture or sketch of what they are trying to achieve. I can usually provide a "Ball Park Price" fairly quick. If the quote fits the budget and is agreeable we can then discuss the details a bit more. Once all of the specifics are sorted out the quote can be finalized.          
Deposit: Deposit amounts vary according to amount of material required to complete a project. They typically range from 30%-50% of the projects total cost. Once a deposit is received the project is placed on the schedule. The lead time begins at the time of deposit. The remaining balance would then be due upon completion. 
  The Design:
 If desired, I can provide a complete design. I can also work in conjunction with interior designers or architects. Custom work can also be a one on one collaborative effort between myself and the client.   
Shipping:Shipping's not a problem...I have shipped many large pieces over the years. Whether it needs a custom crate or simply needs to be palletized, I can get it there. A shipping estimate can be provided with the project quote.
Repurposed Furniture:What is repurposed furniture? This is when you take a piece or pieces of the past and redesign and engineer it into a something cool. I really enjoy taking pieces of history and converting them into useable items. Especially when those items have a deep personal meaning to the client. So, no matter what type of relic you have Intuitive Iron can help you convert it into a one of a kind addition to your current decor.